Private Client programs
Many people have benefitted from an in-depth, private style consultation. If you’re looking to raise your game, either in business or in your personal life, consider any or all of our Private Client Services:

Style Profiling
How you dress says everything about who you are. In this one-hour session, using visual as well as personal branding techniques, we discover your Unique Style Profile. It’s yours for life, and it will help you feel confident about your style once and for all.

Executive Style
For the vast majority of us, looking good every day is not easy. But there are some simple principles that make it all work. By understanding body lines, face shape, proportion and fit, dressing well will become effortless.

Executive Color Confidence
What colors are acceptable for business shirts, suits, accessories? How can color help you make more of an impact? What are the colors that work best for you? All of these questions will be answered in your personalized Executive Color session.

Wardrobe Clinic
Before you buy new clothes each season, consider the clothing you already own. You may have more to wear than you think you do. We work with your wardrobe to filter out what isn’t working, and repackage what is. Often our clients find a whole new wardrobe right in their own closet.

Executive Wardrobe Management
Make your style effortless with our Executive Wardrobe Management program. We manage your business and/or casual wardrobe on an ongoing basis – choosing, editing, shopping, and updating. The amount of time you’ll save is enormous. And you’ll feel on top of your game, every single day.

“This morning I felt like a new man - I opened my wardrobe…and within minutes I was ready to face the world looking like I meant business.”
Howard Roberts, Global Planning Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising