My outfit today was a DAZZLING success. I had so many compliments I can’t even begin to enumerate them. I chaired a large meeting, so I really wanted to look good. Not a problem, thanks to you.
— Susan B, Video Production Designer, Williamsburg, VA

I had so much fun ‘shopping my closet’ with you and creating fresh, sassy-yet-professional outfits from my current wardrobe. I’m really looking forward to doing the same with my summer wardrobe. Thanks again.
— Holly M., VP and Manager, Hampton, VA

Wanted to let you know that all the ladies at church yesterday and at work this morning stopped in their tracks and raved about my do-over. Thanks again for the fun, encouraging and educational session.
— Yvonne B., Nurse, Seattle, WA

Suzanne is a professional and engaging speaker who impressed our Women’s Forum - she showed a strong understanding of the image demands placed on female lawyers and other professionals
— Joanna B., London, Lawyer and Director, UK

Suzanne revolutionized the way I dress. My wardrobe used to look like it belonged to five different women…now it looks like it belongs to one super-chic one - and, thanks to Suzanne, that’s me!
— Deborah M., Global Advertising Manager, NY, NY

I can see the results, both in the way I feel and the way people respond to me.
— Frank A., CEO / Financial Advisor, Fairfield, NJ